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Roof Replacement in Madison

Roof Replacement in Madison

Isthmus Roofing would like to present the progress of a  roof replacement project in Madison, WI, just up the street from our office.

Project Details:

- Location: Madison, WI

- Scope: Roof Replacement

- Building Type: Single Family Home

- Materials: GAF roofing system featuring Timberline HDZ Shingles in Hollow Gray

The Roofing Process:

We normally don’t get to see much of the process of a new roof being installed, but as this job was close enough to the office, we we’re able to get out and get a few shots of the process.  After removing the old roofing materials and inspecting the underlying decking, a underlayment is placed down over the deck boards to ensure a dry stable base.  Then Starter Shingles are placed along the eaves, and Ice-and-Water shield is placed along the valleys and any penetrations. These two products have a strong adhesive backing preventing uplifting of shingles due to wind and adding a secondary line of defense in vulnerable areas.  Shingles are then laid out working from the eaves to the ridges.  Depending on the application, ridge-top ventilation will be installed on the ridge-line to allow the attic to breath and circulate air.  

Premium Protection with GAF:

All these elements work together to provide a system that will protect your roof for decades to come.  GAF also backs up it’s goofing system with some of the strongest warranties available.  Those warranties get even stronger when installed by a Master Elite contractor like Isthmus Roofing.

Partner with Isthmus Roofing:

If you are looking for a roof that will provide you and your family piece of mind for far into the future, contact Isthmus Roofing and let one of our representative discuss how a GAF roofing system can work on your home.  Call today for your free quote.


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