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Popular Roofing Options for Multi-Family Homes

Popular Roofing Options for Multi-Family Homes

A multi-family home can be a great investment. You can secure ownership of a property, live within that property, and still generate income with that extra unit.

Even better yet, you can purchase a multi-family home as an investment property to make twice the income. No matter how you slice it, investing in a multi-family home is a great idea!

However, you will need to shell out money for maintenance and upkeep. With that being said, you’ll have to repair or replace your roof eventually.

When it comes to roof replacement, multi-family homes have plenty of options for you to choose from!


Asphalt may be the most common material used for any kind of roof, and for good reason. Made from fiberglass and coated with asphalt granules, asphalt shingles are fire-resistant, easy to replace, and inexpensive to install!

Metal Roof

As of late, metal roofs are quickly catching on in popularity for multi-family homes – and buildings of all sorts for that matter.

In the summertime, metal roofing reflects the sun’s UV rays away from your home instead of absorbing it, which helps cooling costs. Metal roofs are often more durable than their asphalt counterparts, lasting up to ten years longer on average.

Lastly, metal roofs prove to be environmentally friendly, being made out of recyclable material.

Wood Shingles

If you’re looking for a rustic, rich aesthetic for your multi-family property, you may want to consider wood shingles.

Aside from the great look of wood shingles, there are some drawbacks, however. Wood shingles aren’t as durable and require more frequent maintenance on average. In addition to their questionable durability, wood shingles offer no fire resistance.


Slate shingles are an uncommon type of roofing, albeit its effectiveness. Slate-style roofs are made naturally as well as fire and wind-resistant.

Slate roofs are pretty tough to install on account of their weight. However, once you install a slate roof, you may never have to worry about roof installation again, as it can last anywhere between 75 and 100 years!

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